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It’s March, there is the anticipation of Spring in the air, the excitement in the wearing of the green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, (I’m looking for that pot of gold daily!) spring break and March Madness. 


This month I am honoring all women with a humble and heartfelt thank you for everything always and for being just plain ole badass (the very highest compliment) every single day. 

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Deirdra Almeida

Gloria Baynes

Jessica Boyer

Mindy Breen

Kim Davis

Marilyn Dreis

Christina Torres Garcia

Mimi Marinucci

Honoring (some) my favorite Eastern Washington University Women!

This month's blog is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend

and former colleague Dr. Jan Foxx♥️

Nydia Martinez

Wendy St. John Repovich

Judy Rohrer   

Angela Schwendiman                                          

Julia Smith

Rachel Toor

Chris Valeo

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