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When the Political is Personal & Painful: Surviving a Toxic Four Years

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

We’ve seen the country’s ugly truth revealed. The mask has been removed, not the mask that is worn to protect you from Covid-19, but the entire face mask that has provided cover to

hide racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and other exclusionary acts. It’s the mask when removed that revealed a Pandora’s box of hurt.

I am befuddled by the intense dislike secretly harbored against people who are different from each other. I cringe to acknowledge this sad reality. I want desperately to believe that all Americans have moved beyond the centuries of hate and discrimination. However, reality proves otherwise.

Racism has always been around in the atmosphere I inhabit but not directly impacting multiple aspects of my life daily, so intensely causing fear, apprehension, and dread.

The past four years have been challenging. I felt the pressures of dark cloying leadership that looks at me and people who look like me with disdain. I witnessed this evil manifested in the attempts to suppress our votes. I am aware of a documented history that would prohibit me from residing in his luxury apartment complex or entry into his buildings and definitely not to grace his lobby with my chocolate brown skin. We’re not allowed there-it’s a skin color thing you know.

This leadership that emboldened white supremacist groups, coveted ownership of every space, held strong to the domination of whiteness, amplified the malevolent voices of the Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, and complimented people with really good DNA ,who by the way only reside in Minnesota, magnified all forms of hate. He was driven to characterize diversity as unwanted, unnecessary, unacceptable-some form of otherness.

The cleverly written executive orders to ban training on diversity, critical race theory and white privilege, because this type of training would make many uncomfortable and labeled America (unfairly) as a racist country, according to a self-proclaimed wealthy white privileged man.

We have lived with the representation of the modern-day slave owner as he and his minions separated families at the border, locked children in cages, instituted a travel ban on Muslims, boldly pronounced African countries as shitholes, and treated women as inferior beings who you can just grab by the ... relegating women to objects, whose bodies you could invade simply because-well you can.

The dark clouds from the past four years are just beginning to lift to free us from the rage of evil that has dominated unrelenting years of racist misery. Let me be clear, every action he made was to disenfranchise multicultural people and of course to diminish President Obama (it didn’t work)!

The sinisterness is leaving after unparalleled tragic losses from a pandemic in which he failed to provide leadership, divided a country based on race, political affiliation, and the haves and have nots, taunted people with disabilities, alienated our allies, and talked a loud tough boisterous game devoid of substance. The ominous four years of his leadership are over, for now, the remnants of experiencing exclusion, evil, and pure racism are slowly seeping out of my being, cleansing every pore from the wrath of hate. My promise to you within my small sphere is to use my voice and words to help bring us together. To focus on the big picture-the heart of humanity, the greater good in us all. My vision is laser-focused on being a positive force, enhancing multiple voices & views that reflect our great nation and the beauty of diversity!


I love and revere the Presidential Inauguration every four years, the way I love the Olympic Games (summer, winter and special). Both of these events reaffirm our commitment to American excellence, the mystery of competition and long held traditions.

I recall the very distinguished President Reagan & Mrs. Reagan in her red designer gowns. I can still hear the President saying "Tear down that wall."

I am in awe of the continued goodness & humanity of President & Mrs. Carter.

I still smile at the humor and the swagger of President George W. Bush (43) & the love in his voice when he says his wife Laura's name. I recall the sadness I felt when Mrs. Barbara Bush died. I wore pearls on the day of her funeral to honor her memory.

This month I'm celebrating the Biden-Harris administration. I am proud of Vice President Kamala Harris who takes a piece of every Woman, every Black & Brown woman, and every little girl into the Esteemed hallowed halls. Careful where you stand she's still shattering that glass ceiling!

February Assignment- Celebrate Black History Month!

The Black History Month theme for 2021 is the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity A favorite site to visit:

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