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Tips for Connecting the Cultural Divides

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

While we have been socially distancing from one another many have turned their thoughts to Diversity Equity & Inclusion. These topics have been illuminated with a wide beam floodlight over the past few months.

The somber parade of the deaths of unarmed citizens presented a summer playlist of incredible loss that keeps running through the visuals of our minds.

As a country, we are seeking answers on how to do better? How do we genuinely connect across the historical divides of race, class, gender, religion, culture, socio-economic levels, LGBTQ, and other identities?

Here are my few suggestions in reaching across the ever-widening diversity divide:

1) Enhance your Curiosity.

(It did not kill the cat!)

Move beyond stereotypes & meet people with an open mind. No culture or race is monolithic. Get to know individuals, seek shared interest-music, theatre, sports, books, hobbies, professional interest, the list goes on and on. Connect person to person, human to human. Find the richness each person has to offer and embrace everyone’s uniqueness.

2) Be your authentic self.

People who have historically been oppressed are sharp readers of “realness.” You have heard the expression, “Do you?” I suggest Being You, keep it honest in reaching out and establishing new relationships. Bring who you are into spaces, your realness will be appreciated and lend itself toward establishing a genuine connection.

3) Have questions about a culture that is not your own? Visit your friendly search engine & read. A plethora of great articles are available discussing every characteristic of diversity and culture. You must do more than eating your favorite ethnic food at the local restaurant.

Take 10 minutes a day to learn about a culture different than your own. Seek to expand your knowledge regarding the various cultures that are represented in your city, community, and society.

On January 18th celebrate the Life & Legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Check your local media for virtual events being held in your community.


This month's assignment – I am encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone, Diversity will enrich your life (I promise)!

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1 Comment

Great blog! I like the idea of taking time out to research and learn about those around us. I am going to take that challenge to dive into areas that I have little or no knowledge to feel better able to appreciate the kaleidoscope of others around me.

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